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Consulting Services

Through my Nurse Coaching training and my many years working in hospitals and health systems, I have developed many different areas of expertise. I love working with individuals and businesses to help them succeed. Think of it like coaching for your whole company!

Motivational Interviewing (MI) Training

Motivational interviewing is an art form and a skill that is essential for all clinicians and healthcare workers. I have 4 years of experience providing interactive trainings to healthcare organizations facilitated either live or virtually to train providers and staff in MI. 


Learning and Development 

As a learning and development specialist, I design, conduct, and organize training programs to improve employee performance and ensure organizational productivity.  

Services include but are not limited to the design and implementation of training programs, including the delivery and facilitation of those programs, the creation of content for various types of training, and 1:1 mentoring for employees post-training. 



One of my hobbies is script writing and voiceover work for educational and promotional videos, largely in the healthcare space. I freelance on Upwork and through Nicole Piotrowski Health and Wellness. 


Vaccination Training

Does your organization need to train new employees on vaccination administration and theory? I provide thorough in-person vaccination training and official competencies. 

Keyboard and Mouse

Let's Work Together

Contact me today to discuss how I can best help you and your business succeed.

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